1941: Born in Crete.


1970: He graduated from the School of Architecture, NTUA  


1970 – today: He works as a practicing architect in partnership with Bouki Babalou- Noukaki.


1973- 1986: Member of “Atelier 66” architectural office.


1975- 1985: Consulting member for “ORA” Center of Arts


1989- 1991: Member of the board of the Technical Chamber of Greece (T.C.G) for the incorporation of a statute for the Architectural Competitions.


1997: Member of the board of the Association of Greek Architects (A.G.A).


1998: Member of the board of A.G.A for the revision of the law for Public Works.


He has been a juror for several Architectural Competitions in Greece and for Europan- 4.